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Recommended Marketshare Queries

Total Market View (Weekly)

See an general overview of your servers market by revenue earned.

Highest Price Increases (Weekly)

Find the best selling items that are out of stock or have had massive price increases!

Mega Value Marketshare (Weekly)

Find the ultra high value items with the most revenue based on the last 7 days sales.

Best Selling Items (Last Hour)

See the items with the top revenue from the last hour.

Fastest Selling Items (Daily)

See the fastest selling items from the last 24 hours.

Most Quantity Purchased (Daily).

See the items that sell in bulk with the most quantity sold in the last 24 hours.

Best Selling Furniture (Weekly).

See the best selling furniture items from the last week.

Best Selling Collectible Items (Weekly).

See the best selling collectible items from the last week.

Best Selling Vendor Items (Weekly).

See the best selling items you can buy from vendors from the last week.

Best Selling Gear, Weapons, Armor and Glamors (Weekly).

See the best selling gear, weapons, armor and glamors from the last week. Excluding crafted raid gear.

Best Raw Materials to Gather.

See the best earning and fastest selling raw materials to gather.