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Recommended WoW Best Deals Queries

Default Dragonflight Deals

Find deals on current content.

High Value Deals

Uncover high-value items across all expansions with substantial discounts.

Transmog Weapons

Find discount deals on legacy transmog weapons.

Transmog Gear

Discover great discounts on legacy transmog gear for your collection.

Ultra Cheap Deals (Beginner Friendly / Low Risk)

Scout for ultra-cheap deals across all categories with the highest discounts.

Fast Selling Items (Beginner Friendly / Low Risk)

Spot the fastest selling items in the market with minimal investment. (Mostly bags)

Dragonflight Recipes

Find Dragonflight recipes at a discount for crafting advancements.

Legacy Recipes

Acquire legacy recipes for your collection or crafting needs at a discount.

Illusions and Consumables

Seek out deals on Dragonflight Weapon Illusions and consumable transmog.

High Value Toys

Explore toys with high value and rarity across expansions at a discount.


Pursue discounts on mounts to travel Azeroth in style.

Quest Items

Brawlers Passes, Darkmoon Fair Items, etc.

Medium Value Pet Deals

Find pets with medium value and ok sale rate.

High Value Pet Deals

Seek out high-value pets to add rare companions to your collection.

Uncaged Pets

These are items that when consumed become a pet in your journal. The same as getting a level 1 pet.

Holiday Items

Discover festive holiday items to celebrate seasonal events.

Fast Selling Miscellaneous

Identify quickly selling miscellaneous items like Sturdy Expedition Shovel, Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler, etc.

Other Miscellaneous

Find unique and random items, including trading post parts, books, and keys.