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World of Warcraft Queries

Dragonflight Marketshare Overview

Find out what Dragonflight items are actually selling and what are the best items to sell. Shows the top 200 items matching your search.

Dragonflight Commodity Shortage Futures

Find Commodity Shortages and Price Spikes BEFORE they happen and be there first!

Undercut Alerts Curseforge Addon

The addon for our Undercut Alerts!

Price Sniper and Price Spike Alerts

Alerts you when prices for items go above or below a price you pick!

Local Realm Shortage Finder

Searches for items on your local server / realm that you can flip and take over the market!

Commodity Shortage Finder

Searches for region wide commodities that you can flip and take over the market!

Server Transfer Trading Search

Search for items that can be bought cheaply on a your home server and sold for a profit when transfering realms.